About Us

A need for exquisite and well made mid-century furniture at an approachable cost arose in 2009 which led to founding Organic Modernism in Brooklyn, New York. Today, this founding ground continues to be our motto. OM embraces bringing fine taste, functionality and perfection to the houses, outdoors and offices of all.


  • "Furniture is great quality. Beautiful wood. Perfect mid-century modern style chairs, sofas & cabinets. Pricing is decent considering the stunning design & solid construction."
    - Marissa S | Yelp
  • "I really love all the brass pieces they have and just like their name, it's a mixture or modern pieces made into a very organic way."
    - Jessica M | Yelp
  • "Great furniture. Lots of American walnut and great quality at very reasonable prices. MID century modern/ craftsman/ Scandinavian."
    - Alex M | Google Reviews
  • "I was very much impressed with both the quality of the furniture and the uniqueness of the pieces. The furniture in the store is mid-century and the prices are reasonable."
    - Connie P | Google Reviews